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The mission of Our Lady of Victory Catholic School is to educate the whole child in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment, and to enable the child to grow spiritually, intellectually, and in responsibility. We strive to facilitate the discovery and sharing of each student’s God-given gifts in service to others.


Education at Our Lady of Victory stresses the spiritual, intellectual, physical, personal, and social development of the whole child in a Roman Catholic environment. The school fosters a belief in the moral and social justice teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School teaches the whole person. As such, it promotes close communication between teachers and parents for the benefit of each child.

This approach to education makes demands of the student, assumes he/she is motivated, and requires that he/she be actively involved in the learning process. High standards are expected from OLV students because the world for which they are preparing demands so much.

The students are provided with a variety of learning experiences, which occur in an intellectually stimulating environment. Students are challenged to reach their potential as Vessels of the Holy Spirit and develop high ideals and standards in order to assume active roles of leadership within this society.

Goals and Objectives

• Foster spiritual growth and moral responsibility through daily prayer, weekly liturgy, and community service, and religious education.
• Challenge students to reach their academic potential by creating a learning environment that stimulates intellectual diversity, encourages individual creativity, and fosters the life-long learner.
• Promote a nurturing atmosphere for students of diverse cultures to develop by providing opportunities that teach moral responsibilities to self and society.
• Cultivate social sensitivity through experiences in and out of the classroom that allow students to interact academically, as well as socially.
• Endorse a heightened awareness that promotes honorable sportsmanship, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices through classroom instruction, physical education, and athletic programs.

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